4 Ways to Cure Your Everyday Problems

Do you suffer from “I can’t find my keys” headaches? Or, “My hair won’t stop falling in my face” rage? These are symptoms of common ailments that we can help you cure! We sell handmade products other than hair scarves, neck ties, and bow ties. Check out these nifty products that can help you every day!

1. Key Chains

We love selling these at Pepper Place!

We love selling these at Pepper Place!

Symptoms: Fumbling around in your purse for prolonged periods of time. Possibly yelling “Can you just be patient??” at your kids as they whine about the heat.

Diagnosis: If you exhibit these symptoms, you may suffer from Perdita-clavis-morbus. That’s a word we made up for “Lost Key Disease.” The word is made of Latin roots and affixes so it’s probably in a medical dictionary somewhere.

Prescription: A vibrant key chain. We love these light and airy fabric attachments. Each key chain comes with a gold key ring and a gold clip.

The bright color and soft fabric will help you quickly locate your keys in your purse. You can also clip them to wristlet to keep up with your keys even more efficiently.

Side Effects:

  • You won’t wear down your car’s ignition cylinder like a heavy key chain does.

  • Your daily aesthetic will improve (even your keys will be accessorized).

2. Lanyards

Lindsay  models the first lanyards she created.

Lindsay models the first lanyards she created.

Symptoms: You can physically stare at your keys yet you still can’t find them. You may also exhibit extreme fatigue. (Life is hard, y’all.)

Diagnosis: You definitely have Maxime-perdita-clavis-morbus (A.K.A “Extreme Lost Key” disease). This disease is probably caused by a busy schedule and sleepless nights.

Prescription: A floral lanyard. Sometimes the only way to find your keys is if they are around your heck.

Did you know that we use the lanyard’s excess fabric to make our key chains? This measure is part of our effort to be environmentally friendly.

Side Effects:

  • Your neck will be adorned with your favorite pattern and colors.

  • Your name tag will a have a new home.

3. Scrunchies

Ashton Paris looking stunning in her scrunchy. (IG:  @ashtonparis )

Ashton Paris looking stunning in her scrunchy. (IG: @ashtonparis)

Symptoms: You constantly push your hair back from your face. Your blood pressure rises as you become increasingly frustrated. Daily tasks become impossible to do with all that hair obstructing your view.

Diagnosis: Emissus-capillus-morbus. That translates to “Loose Hair Disease,” according to the Lindsay Brook Designs dictionary. Your hair desperately needs to get out of your face.

Prescription: An adorable scrunchy. Yes, that’s right. No, this is not an expired prescription. The scrunchies are successfully making a comeback.

Side Effects:

  • Your luscious locks will bounce beautifully in your ponytail.

  • You can literally conquer the world since you can finally think with your hair pulled up.

4. Bandannas

Our bandana fits in this set up at No14 Boutique in Pittsburgh so well! (IG: @no14boutique)

Our bandana fits in this set up at No14 Boutique in Pittsburgh so well! (IG: @no14boutique)

Symptoms: Excessive sighing from not being able to figure out what to wear. Confusion from feeling like you’re missing something but you just can’t think of what it is.

Diagnosis: Necessitudo-accessorius-morbus (“Needing an Accessory” disease) is your problem.

Prescription: A new twist on the classic ascot. We have some lovely bandannas that rest beautifully around your neck.

Side Effects:

  • You will gain another hair scarf (the bandanna can wrap once around as a hair scarf).

  • You will feel so fancy that nothing can hold you back.

Melissa Lawrence