Fantastic Fabrics for National College Colors Day

Mark your calendars. This Friday (August 31st) is National College Colors Day!

As college athletes gear up for game day, we will be loading up on collegiate colors of all kinds. We have a beautiful array of Alabama and Auburn colors so you can look your best as you represent your team. 

Don't worry UAB, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Georgia, and Georgia Tech fans (and any other colleges), we love to create special requests! Let us know which fabric you want, and we can create a unique product that will showcase your college colors.

Check out these beautiful patterns that will make you stand out in the stands.


Alabama Colors.JPG

We currently have these fabrics in stock! We are ready to make you a custom bow tie, neck tie, hair scarf, or hair bows with these patterns that scream Roll Tide. 

You can also request any product in a houndstooth pattern. Wouldn't Bear Bryant have looked so great in a houndstooth bow tie?


Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 3.35.40 PM.png

Auburn, peeps! We have an abundance of orange and blue pairings. If you're looking to buy one before National College Colors Day, stop by J&M Bookstore in Auburn today! While you're picking up textbooks, check out our Auburn-themed merchandise. 

We also offer more fabric options at The Local Market inside of the J&M Bookstore!


bulldog fabric.jpg


Hey, Bulldogs! You can find this adorable pattern from Spoonflower. Just let us know you're interested in this fabric, and we can make it happen! 

Of course, an elegant black fabric would also look great with your red game day outfit.

Georgia Tech

Gold Dots Fabric.png

If you like to shout, "sting 'em!" then you might like this pattern. This combination of white and old gold will go well with other Georgia Tech fan memorabilia. We can also find a solid old gold fabric for you if you're not into patterns.


LSU pattern.png

From stripes to polka dots, we have found numerous patterns that LSU fans can sport to any sporting event. 

If you want a separate bow tie or hair scarf just for football games, then these purple football atop a cheerful shade of gold will suit you best.

Mississippi State

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 4.18.18 PM.png

We can hear the cow bells ringing now. We can also hear you telling your friends about this fantastic bow tie. 

Ole Miss


A solid navy bow tie or hair scarf will go well with all the Ole Miss colors. Plus, it's versatile. You can wear it to many functions, casual or formal. This corduroy navy blue bow tie would be a great accessory for your game day attire.


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 1.20.43 PM.png

UAB has worked hard to get their football team back, so show your Blazer pride! We love this casual yet chic gold and green pattern.

No matter which college you root for, we can find you many fabrics that will help you show off those colors! 

Melissa Lawrence