4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

While jotting down wedding to-do lists, you might use memories from friends’ weddings to figure out how to plan a wedding. Thinking back on those happy celebrations, you try to recall which friend had the best flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and decorations. 

Suddenly, you can’t remember whose wedding had what because the memories run together. Each one looked so similar. Everyone chose the most popular wedding trends of the time. You begin to worry that yours will be just another basic wedding.

Don’t worry. There are simple steps to make your wedding stand out. Try these 4 ways to make your wedding unique.

1. Choose Contrasting Colors

To make guests really remember your wedding, go against the popular color trends. Wedding Forward predicts that these will be the most popular colors of 2018:

·     White + Green

·     Neutral Grays

·     Shades of Marsala 

·     Tender Blush + Peach

·     Ultra Violet

Although these are beautiful color combos, they might be overdone this wedding season. Thankfully, The Knot offers advice about which gorgeous color selections can make your big day unique. Try these colors:

·     Magenta + Poppy + Yellow

·     Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

·     Navy + Yellow + Blue

·     Chartreuse + Powder Blue + Cornflower

We love this chartreuse tie.

We love this chartreuse tie.

·     Navy + Eggplant + Gold

·     Poppy + Celadon + White

·     Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki

2. Add an Unusual Backdrop

A captivating backdrop can set the scene for when you become husband and wife. It may not have crossed your mind or made its way to your to-do list yet, but it can be the perfect element to frame your big moment. 

Tyler Mackenzie Photography  captured this beautiful moment framed by a gorgeous backdrop.

Tyler Mackenzie Photography captured this beautiful moment framed by a gorgeous backdrop.

Find shapes and styles that complement your theme and have your wedding decorator arrange them in the background. Or, you can make the backdrop a fun DIY project to complete with your closest friends.

3. Try a Theme

A beautiful backdrop can also be a great way to highlight your wedding's theme. When you think of a themed wedding, you might picture cheesy costumes and goofy guests. But, if you put your own romantic twist onto your favorite books or movies, you can create a magical moment that everyone will remember.

In this wedding, the bride and groom took their love of The Lord of the Rings and created a fairy wonderland. The bridesmaids carried twinkling lanterns and the ring bearer donned an ornate "Lord of the Rings" sign. But perhaps their signature, hand-made backdrop is what successfully united their theme with the ceremony and had all of the guests in awe.

This beautiful book gave guests a lasting memory of the unique wedding.

This beautiful book gave guests a lasting memory of the unique wedding.


4. Accentuate with Hand-Sewn Garments

Wedding stuff.jpg

You’ve probably carefully considered every aspect of the wedding party attire. But, did you know that we can create accessories specifically for your color scheme and patterns? We have worked with many couples to create hand-made bow ties, pocket squares, and hair bows for grooms, groomsmen, and flower girls. 

We want to help you create a wedding unlike any other. We can send you galleries of fabric so you can decide which designs match your vision the most. Or, you can send us your favorite fabric. Either way, we are excited to help make your wedding a day to remember.

Melissa Lawrence