4 Every Day Eco-Friendly Tips

Looking for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint? We are too! We would love to help you find ways to produce less waste. From our own experience, we have learned that you can’t change the world in a day, so don’t be overwhelmed with all of this advice. Even if you just take one step, it will make a lasting impact!

Say good-bye to plastic bags

Ziploc baggies used to be a staple in American homes. Now that we’re becoming more eco-conscious, silicone baggies are a better alternative. These award-winning bags are “100% pure platinum food-grade silicone.” This means that they are “safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and boiling water.”

Buy these snack bags on Etsy or on  Marley’s Monsters’  website!

Buy these snack bags on Etsy or on Marley’s Monsters’ website!

Not only are these bags safer for the environment, they are also safer for you and your family. These bags do not contain petroleum, PVC, or latex.

So the next time you pack your lunch or your children’s lunch, put those cut-up strawberries in a silicone bag instead of a plastic bag. You might need to remind your kids to not throw these special bags away! When you get home, have everyone wash out their baggies to get ready for the next day.

We also love these adorable cloth snack bags made by Marley’s Monsters on Etsy! Order your favorite pattern, and use it for all your favorite snacks! The interior consists of a white, BPA-free waterproof lining. To re-use, just shake out the crumbs from your bag and you’re ready to go.

Re-purpose your clothing

Homemade un-paper towels are a great way to re=purpose clothes!

Homemade un-paper towels are a great way to re=purpose clothes!

When your clothing becomes too worn out to use, seize the opportunity to make un-paper towels! In the picture to the right, Lindsay cut up old T-shirts, her husband’s old work shirts, and a pillowcase.

By using these un-paper towels, you accomplish two goals. First, you reduce waste by not using paper products. Second, you reduce waste by preventing clothing from ending up in landfills.

Recycle your textiles

If you’re not ready to re-purpose your clothes, you can always take your old clothing to a textile recycler. For best results, look up local textile recycling programs near you!

We do not have a lot of options nearby; however, Lindsay has participated in H&M’s textile recycling program. Although we do not necessarily love H&M’s fast fashion practice, they desire to see less clothing in landfill’s just like we do!

Lindsay has also used a USAgain drop box to recycle clothes. Visit their website to find a drop box near you!

Avoid plastic straws

You’ve probably seen news about the plastic straw ban for restaurants in California. Even if your state doesn’t have a law against plastic straws, you can still help save the planet! A good start would be to carry a stainless steel straws in your purse/briefcase/diaper bag. Instead of picking up a plastic straw, take out your handy stainless steel straws.

Plus, stainless steel straws give a sharp, clean look to your favorite cute tumbler! (Using tumblers instead of plastic water bottles is another great way to reduce waste!)

What are your favorite tips?

These are just a few ways to help protect the planet. We bet you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve! Comment your favorite tips on our Instagram post.