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Our Daughters International exists to bring an end to human trafficking and to bring survivors into safety. The holistic approach enables rescued victims of trafficking to be restored as daughters and developed as leaders impacting their communities for today and tomorrow.

With high poverty rates, people in Nepal are vulnerable to human traffickers because they're desperate for getting their basic needs met. But, our Daughters is a non-profit that works at the Nepali-India borders to help put an end to trafficking at the border. Last year alone, nearly 17,000 girls received anti-trafficking counseling and approximately 900 of them were saved from being trafficked!

The mission statement of Our Daughters is the reason I'm campaigning: We are about rescuing the powerless. We are about educating the vulnerable. We are about giving every woman hope and purpose.

You can visit my fundraising page if you would like to join me in supporting this important work!


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